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Concello de Sanxenxo

Town hall

Dear friend,

Sanxenxo, bathed by the Ría de Arousa and Ria de Pontevedra, stands out for its beaches and the beauty of its landscapes.

The beaches are better known and has all the quality services and most of them are identified as a Blue flat beaches.

We take care of our beaches with dedication so that you can enjoy them, especially in summer. But also the rest of the year, walking for it or travelling along the coast trails.

Less well- known, but not less beauty, are the green valleys inside the town. Places like Bordóns, Dorrón, Nantes, Adina, Noalla, Padriñán and Vilalonga deserves that you spend time enjoying them. In those municipalities, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and know the rural Galician life.

You will find a wide range of hotel accommodation offers with more than 140 establishment, campsites, apartments and hotels, from one-star to four-star hotels.

Above anything else we are a hospitable village that enjoys attending our visitors and sharing with them our way to see the life, our gastronomy and our culture. You will always be welcomed in Sanxenxo.