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Concello de Sanxenxo

Employment and Courses

The City Council of Sanxenxo has three years of experience as an Associated Center for the Public Service of Emprego de Galicia, its growing evolution being in the number of job seeker resumes as well as job offers.

Trying to offer the residents of the municipality an integrated service of all services in the field of employment, a priority issue for our concello.

For this, it is necessary to maintain a concerted and continuous action to combat unemployment, which allows the placement of job seekers from our environment and achieving a progressive improvement of our labor market. This will be obtained by acting on the labor market. To this end, the Municipal Employment Service of the City of Sanxenxo with the aim of achieving full employment and equal opportunities for men and women in access to the labor market, is part of the collaborating centers of the Public Employment Service of Galicia, favoring the territorial implementation of the SPE in Galicia, and performing functions of:

  • Information and advice in the search for employment
  • Professional information
  • Job placement itinerary
  • Active job search
  • Treatment of employment demands
  • Recruitment and treatment of job offers
  • Renewal of the demand for employment
  • Support for intermediation between supply and demand
  • Update and activate the curriculum vitae of each applicant


We are on the first floor of the Concello Building, come to visit us and we will help you.



Elena Sutil Barbosa - Employment Consultant (SGC)

Concello de Sanxenxo

Consistorio Street Nº4-6, 36960-Sanxenxo

Telephone: 986.720.075 / FAX:986.721.022

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