Concello de Sanxenxo - Citizen security
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Concello de Sanxenxo


Sanxenxo National Police Force works for the safety of the residents in the municipality. To do this, Sanxenxo Local Police has 23 agents on staff, led by three officers and a Chief Inspector. During the summer season it is strengthened with auxiliary agents to give a quality service both to the residents of Sanxenxo and to the many visitors that the city receives in summer. In 2015 there were 24 auxiliaries that strengthened the staff of the Local Police.


Police services

  • Protect the authorities from de Local corporation, vigilance or custody of its buldings and facilities.
  • Order, indicate and manage the traffic in the municipality according to circulation rules.
  • Instruct traffic reports for traffic accidents in the municipality.
  • Administrative pólice related to the ordenancy, sides and other municipal disposals within their field of competence
  • Participate in local pólice functions in the manner established.
  • Provide assistance in case of accident, catastrophe or public calamity.
  • Carry out procedures to prevent and actiont to avoid delictive acts.
  • Observed public spaces and colaborate with other police forces in terms of public order when they have been request in the matter.
  • Cooperate in the resolution of private conflicts when they have been requested in the matter.
  • Attend victims of gender-based violence
  • Citizens personalized attention both by phone or presential in the comissary and on public roads.
  • Urbanistic Police
  • Environtmental Police
Policía Local


Local emergency management service

Municipal service of civil protection was established in 1994 givingto the citizens a service to manage the emrgencies , in that momento were a volunteer service. From that year, the service has evolved until converts in a completely profesional integrated service with a stadd prepared and equiped to manage all the emergencies thta can appears in our municipality.

Nowadays, we hace two services: one of prevenction, fire fighting and rescue and another one only in summer of rescue and livesaving in our beaches.

With the entry into force of the new Emergency Law of Galicia, our service will be renamed "Local Emergency Management Service".

Our challenge is motivate and promote between the citizens autoprotection measures because we undersant that the prevenction is the best option to mitigate the damage caused by any emergency in people, properties and environtment.

For that reason we ar involved in a planification provess and improve the quality service which is associated with an information campaing to citizen autoprotection.

On the other side, in that planification we carry out a risk analysis can exist in our municipality to provide resources to control and prevent the incidents that affects people and their property.

Our service is open to all the neighbours and visitors because of they can know and advice of all the activities we develop and we will set up in short-term in prevenction that we understand is our best Alliance to avoid the emergencies.