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Social services

Sanxenxo Council has a Municipal Volunter office (MVO) situated in Municipal social services center where all the activities and volunteer programs are coordinated.

Volunteer tasks give some benefits of various levels:

  • Personal level, is a type of productive free time work achieving goals related with personal satisfaction and the integration in a Social collaboration group.
  • Social level, volunteering represents an important role in the contribution and formation of represent values, participation and integration of people excluded and social solidarity values.



All the persons intrested in the volunteering, regardless of the age, sex, and studies. In any case, a balance between the personal characteristics, interestings and the activity to be carried out will be determined. Each volunteer can choose the activity that is most interested in and will decide the dedication time as a volunteer.



Volunteers will recieve all the information and formation needed to facilitate their work by Municipal Volunteer Office.

Once a year, is programmed a basic volunteer formation course, totally free for the volunteers are interested.




1. Social support service to elderly or disabled people through the volunteering:

Consists in a service where volunteers do stimulating activities with elderly people or disabled people who live alone as go for a walk, rad, play cards, chatting..


2. Playroom volunteering:

Volunteers can collaborate with playroom instructors in the execution of the activities and games fot children.


3. Sports school volunteering:

Volunteers can collaborate with sports schools instructors in the different schools ( basketball, swimming, aerobics, handball…) in the execution of the physical and sports activities for children of different ages.


4. Memory workshop volunteering:

People who are interested in that activity can collaborate with the teacher in the different groups of memory workshops where is tried to estimulate the different cognitive skills in elderly people.


5. Environmental tasks volunteering:

Is directed to all the people insterested in improvement activities and in environmental care.


6. PAIFILLONAI Volunteering:

Take place in July and August collaborating with the instructor of the playroom work/family life reconciliation aimed to children from 3 to 12 years old.



Collaborate with the instructors of the centre that takes place in July with physical and sports activities for children.


8. Events and municipal celebration collaboration:

Collaborate with the celebration of differents dates organizes by different departments ( Working Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Environtmental day…)


9. December 5th Celebration: Volunteering day:

Execute some activities to advertise the volunteering activity in our town hall with a dinner with our volunteers at the end of the day.


10. Leisure and free time through the volunteering:

Lot of workshops and courses executed during the year from that office are part of that project.

On a regular basis, is scheduled the repetition of some workshops have already been organized for the previous years:

  • Stress and relaxation release workshop
  • Laughter therapy workshop
  • Basic computer workshop for the elderly
  • Reading animation workshop
  • Crafts workshop



Sanxenxo municipal volunteering office

R/ Rafael Picó 36970 Portonovo- Sanxenxo

Telephone: 986 727 901

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