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Who we are

OMIC (Municipal consumer information office) is a dependent service of the Town Hall in charge to inform, advice and train the consumers in all the issues related with the consumption and the use of services for all the neighbours of Sanxenxo.

Municipal consumer information office helps the consumers and users to know their rights and defend them.


What we do

  1. We offer information, hep, an orientation to the consumers.
  2. We are in charge of the reception and shipping to Pontevedra Consumption service that depends to de Economy and industry department, the claims that consumers present for processing.
  3. Promote consumers education and formation.
  4. Colaborate with other public and private entities, also dedicated to consumers protection.
  5. We send to the different organisms, those claims in which a mediating agreement has not been reached.


Use OMIC to:

  1. Ask for information and orientation.
  2. Make a claim
  3. Ask for information of courses, chats, divulgative campaing, publications.
  4. Promote ideas and suggestions.


To any of these procedures can come to the Consumer office situated in the first floor of City Hall in Consistorio Street number 4-6 Sanxenxo or call at telephone 986720075

Also, you can use the e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.