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Concello de Sanxenxo



If you want to have fun and enjoy of something different and dared in your holidays we have more things to purpose you , apart from Sanxenxo’s beach , by land, sea and air.

For sea lovers, Sanxenxo offers the possibility to practice sailing, scuba diving, windsurf or surf in our long waves beaches, Montalvo, La Lanzada among other things.

Also you can relax enjoying boat excursions for the Ría, travel to Isla de Ons by catamarán, sighting seabed or attend to important sport events as Audi’s boat race or Canoeing Prize prince of Asturias.

On ground, motor lovers can emulate the important drivers in Karting circuit “Paris-Dakar” or enjoy in a quad rute for the different parishes. Also, animal lovers can enjoy the area riding a horse for the different equestrian rutes proposed.

In rural área located few kilometres of Sanxenxo, we can find Meis golf with an 18-hole golf course. Located in a Galician pine forest, with wide streets “lies, “dog-legs”, lakes and natural obstacles, in a mountain calm environment with good views of the “Ría”.

Golf lovers can move to Isla de la Toxa where can fins another marvelous golf camp with a 9-hole golf course to enjoy their passion in an unique place.

Also, you will know Sanxenxo through the air practising by paracending.



Night activity is avaliable to all the preferences, from going to terraces, to dance or have a drink, visit discoteques or enjoy all the concerts and popular celebrations that fill our calendar during the three months of summer. There are some of the multiple options Sanxenxo offers to enjoy the night.

In summer you can enjoy outdoor, enjoy our gastronomy or have a coffee in all the terraces that appears with the good weather.




Nightclubs are set up in Portonovo streets, a large number of pubs where enjoy the friend’s conversation or another to dance until late morning hours.


In Sanxenxo, following the coast from Sigar beach to the port entrance are located different locals. If you love dance, do not hesitate to visit that área at night.

Sports Marina

More music and more dance in front the sea, the newest rhythms in the pubs of this área located in modern Sanxenxo sports marina .


To continue the party we can move to discotheques área where you will enjoy until late morning hours.



  • January 15th-16th, San Amaro en Arra
  • May 1st, Santo Tomé en Gondar
  • First weekend of May, Os Maios en Sanxenxo
  • First weekend of May, San Antonio en Aios-Noalla
  • June 13th, San Antonio en Sanxenxo
  • June 24th, San Juan en Aios-Noalla y O Santo-Nantes
  • June 25th , Santa Ana en O Santo (Nantes)
  • June 28th,29th and 30th June, San Pedro en Vilalonga
  • July from 15th to 19th, El Carmen en Vilalonga
  • July 16th, El Carmen en Baltar
  • July 18th-19th, Virgen de los Dolores y San Roque en Dorrón
  • July from 21st to 23rd, San Cristóbal en Portonovo
  • July 25th, El Carmen en Noalla
  • July 27th, San Roque en Vilalonga
  • Last weekend of July, San Roque y El Carmen en Bordóns
  • Last Sunday of July, San Cristóbal en Vilalonga
  • August 15th ,Fiestas patronales San Roque en Portonovo
  • August 16th, Fiestas patronales del Carmen en Portonovo
  • August 25th San Ginés y Día del Turista en Sanxenxo
  • September from 3rd to 5th, Fiestas patronales Santa Rosalía y el Carmen en Sanxenxo
  • September 13th, Fiestas del Carmen en Bordóns Primer viernes de Octubre, San Miguel en Dorrón
  • November 25th, Santa Catalina en Portonovo
  • First Saturday of December, Santa Eulalia en Nantes
  • First Sunday of December, San Antonio en Nantes
  • December 26th San Esteban en Noalla
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