Concello de Sanxenxo - Archeological remains
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Concello de Sanxenxo


A Lanzada

It is noted that the discover of a necrópolis and a fort which diggings started in the fifties. The fort is dated from the 8th century B.C while the tombs found in necrópolis correspond to 3rd century A.C.

A Lanzada promontory, apart from the Hermitage (12th century), remains of the fort built by order of Sisnando II bishop in the second half of 10th century in order to defent of the frequent attacks by pirates.


Castro de Dorrón

Situated in Dorrón parish. It is a fortified settlement that belongs to the iron age, from 8th century B.C to 1st century A.C.


Monte Faro

That mountain formation preserves abundant remains of Necropolis that corresponds with the end of neolitic , between 4.000 and 2.000 years B.C. Three separated áreas with mounds are identified in Monte Faro.


Chan de Gorita

This area preserves many funerary monuments or burial mounds from the end of Neolithic, 4.000-2,000 years b.C